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I’m Angelica, and I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I help women learn to balance their hormones and improve their gut health through nutrition and lifestyle support.

After struggling with painful IBS symptoms throughout my childhood, I decided to take my health into my own hands and started making changes to my diet. This is when I began learning about the importance of gut health and the power of food.

A few months later I enrolled in the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition so that I could formally study nutrition and continue to help myself, and one day help others as well.

Throughout my time studying holistic nutrition I discovered my passion for hormonal health and knew that I wanted to one day help women find peace with their hormones and embrace their feminine energy.

Now I am able to merge both of my passions and work with clients to improve both gut and hormone health.

What is Holistic Nutrition?

The philosophy of holistic nutrition is that one’s health is dependant on not just their physical health, but their mental and spiritual health as well. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist I approach health from a whole-person perspective. Using nutritional education as a primary tool, I emphasize the building of health by approaching each person as a biologically unique individual. I work with my clients in an empowering and cooperative manner and honor their own innate wisdom. I believe that each person holds the key to their own health, and I am here to provide guidance and support while they are on their health journey.

Does this sound like you?

“I’m always tired even if I get enough sleep. I NEED coffee to survive.”

“I’m constantly snacking and craving sweets, especially in the evening.”

“It seems like no matter what I eat, I’m bloated and it makes me feel gross.”

“I’m always getting headaches, I have one at least once a month.”

“I feel stressed most of the time and things just feel hard.”

“I have trouble falling asleep and wake up throughout the night.”

“I get PMS every single month and I’m so over it.”

“I feel like I’m moody and irritated all the time for no reason.”

“I’m always getting random breakouts even though I put a lot of effort into my skincare routine.”

“I’ve tried dieting before but I have an extra 10lbs that I can’t seem to lose no matter what I do.”

“Sometimes it’s just so hard to focus on simple tasks and my thinking is foggy.”

“I feel so full and heavy every time I eat.”

“Sometimes I go a couple days at a time without going number 2, and other times I’m on the toilet way too much.”

“I’m always popping TUMs because my tummy is upset.”

…if so, it might be time to start supporting your gut and hormones!

How can I help?

When we work together, I will start by helping you to get to the root of you health concerns. Then I will provide you with an easy to follow step-by-step plan to help you start working towards you health goals. Along the way I will provide you with support and accountability so that you can achieve success.


Discovery Call

During this free 15-minute call, we will discuss your health concerns and determine if my services will be the right fit.

Welcome E-mail

After our discovery call and deciding to work together, I will send you a welcome e-mail that will include all of the necessary forms for you to complete. This will include Nutritional Assessment forms that we will go over during our initial consultation.

Initial Consultation

During this 90-minute consultation we will go over your health history, current diet and lifestyle, Nutritional Assessment forms, goals, and any concerns you may have.

Follow-up Consultation

Our 45-minute follow-up will take place a week after the initial consultation. During this time I will provide you with an overview of the protocol I have developed for your specific needs and goals. I will also provide you with initial recommendations for diet, lifestyle, and supplements, and a 7-day meal plan.

Weekly Coaching Calls

From this point on we will have 30-minute calls each week for ongoing motivation, support and accountability. Each week we will cover a new topic relevant to your personal health goals, and I will provide you with a weekly meal plan as well as specific resources and action tasks. This will ensure that you are able to stay on track without being overwhelmed at the start.

Package Options

8, 16, and 24-week 1:1 coaching packages are available.

Each package includes:

  • 90-minute initial consultation

  • 45-minute follow-up

  • 30-minute weekly coaching calls

  • personalized health protocol (including diet, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations)

  • weekly meal plans

  • email and message support during business hours

  • discounts on high-quality supplements

Packages can be paid in full or through monthly payment plans.


  • 5% discount if paid in full

  • 5% discount on supplements


  • 15% discount if paid in full

  • 10% discount on supplements



  • 25% discount if paid in full

  • 20% discount on supplements

  • four weeks of FREE messaging support after the 24-weeks conclude

Ready to work together?

Contact me to book your FREE 15-minute discovery call to discuss how I can support you on your health journey.

Email: angelicaivallnutrition@gmail.com

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